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Strict Soldier's guide for MvM: Soldier (part 3) by Menaria Strict Soldier's guide for MvM: Soldier (part 3) by Menaria
Last part is here! Yup, that was pretty quick compared to other releases.
Look's like MrCrazyGuy didn't do the worst job after all!

EDIT: While digging trough rage comments on Reddit I discovered something that really required to be changed in the comic - From what I heard Direct Hit's damage can be upgraded only by 3 points instead of 4 like in any other rocket launcher. That makes this weapon completely useless, since it can't even advance in dealt damage.

Hey Reddit! I said that DH "is good but it is not" only to avoid more shitstorm from your side, since I saw a lot of people using it (but apparently this is a lose/lose business). No worries, I won't care for anybody anymore.


Special thanks to:
:icontfsoldier: For fixing the script and being Strict's buddy!
:iconmrcrazyguy: For being Strict's victim!
:iconexplodingpotato: For a cool SFM trick!
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ethosaur Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
With the recent update that allows you to collect ammo from dispensers while you holstered the beggars bazooza, makes it a excellent choice of weapon now.
Fire barrage, raise the buff flag, gather ammo while blowing the horn and repeat.
Surprisingly enough, the Cow Mangler *can* be boosted with the buff banner, it's my main rocket launcher, and it's never let me down.
ParadoxialGamer Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Actually I've been able to make good use of the Direct Hit at times when we've had the right team loadout, since with upgrades it's rather effective at taking down giants and tanks (and when robots are clustered together in large groups, the lowered blast radius is not as much of a burden)
Menaria Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In fact if we will take a fully upgraded direct hit and fully upgraded stock, the stock still wins, since DH is nothing more but a default with a smaller blast radius. Even if DH starts with more damage, it can be upgraded only by 3 points.
And on wave 3 or 4 you have enough money to strike some damage upgrades into your stock.
Fair enough, though I usually only use the Direct Hit when the team doesn't really NEED my help, at which point I'm just there to take some pressure off of them from tanks and some giants (the former in particular); if they DO need me, I don't usually play Soldier anyway.  The friend I mentioned in the note usually uses either the Original or the Beggar's Bazooka (if only because sometimes he likes to experiment), and does well if his team has a clue what the hell he's doing.
iWantcoal Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beggar's bazooka can collect ammo from dispensers after a recent update, thanks valve! It's now a spam-able and camp-able weapon!
eightball6219 Feb 11, 2014  Professional General Artist
Black Box can be very helpful especially for a medic and dispenser who are being overworked by a huge wave of robots.  If invested wisely (and if you're not a idiot with the buff banner) the black box can keep you alive much longer so the medic can focus on others who are too far away to get back to the dispenser or a health pack and as far as the small clip size just invest some into a bigger clip.  I've gone wave on the new levels where after getting through a mass of heavy bots thinking I needed to be healed now realizing I actually had a health buff from the Black Box's bonus and putting some into getting health from kills
yttriumtyclief Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I feel obliged to state that the Bazooka can be good if used by the right person.

Like many weapons, all too often, it isn't.

Also the recent buff that allows to gain ammo from dispensers when not active (ex: when activating your buff banner) is pretty awesome for MvM.
Menaria Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Everything might work if it's carried by an experienced and skilled person, even something like Kritz medic + Third Degree against medics. But those guides are directed to people that don't know a lot about MvM.
I don't recommend Beggars, because it's just not a suitable weapon for a person that don't really know-how as Soldier.
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